Are you exceeding the average household budget in San Francisco?



San Francisco has a reputation for being America’s least affordable city, but is it really true?

No one can deny that the housing costs in the Bay Area are ridiculous. They devour a huge chunk of his salary. But if you factor in all of the costs associated with living in one of the nation’s 22 largest metropolitan areas, San Francisco does better than you might think.

To compare cities, we looked at data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Spending Surveys for 2016-17, the most recent period. The study shows annual spending by consumer units – defined as a household of one to three people – in major metropolitan areas in the Northeast, Midwest, South, and West.

The gallery shows how much money the average Bay Area household spends each month on various budget items, from gasoline to entertainment. Check it to see if you beat the average or exceed it.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has determined that the San Francisco metropolitan area, which it apparently defines as including Oakland and San Jose, passed the fourth-highest number of cities in 2016-17. Its annual expenses of $ 79,291 followed Seattle ($ 83,790), San Diego ($ 79,585) and Washington ($ 79,921).

But in average annual income before taxes, San Francisco led all cities with $ 124,002 per household, for a net of $ 44,711. In comparison, households in second-largest Seattle had an average of $ 34,054 for savings and taxes.

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San Francisco may pay the most for housing, but higher wages and other sources of income significantly offset those expenses, even if you factor in the higher taxes in the Bay Area.

No other metropolitan area in the country has spent more on food than Seattle. It was also struck by the highest transport costs.

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San Francisco, on the other hand, had only the 11th highest food prices (tied with Houston). Its transportation costs were among the five lowest.

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