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PATNA: Residents are struggling to adjust their household budgets after the rise in prices of various basic commodities in recent weeks. While gasoline exceeds Rs 90 per liter, LPG prices have increased by around Rs 25 per cylinder. The proposed fare hike for rickshaws in the state capital will hit ordinary commuters hard as they depend on this mode of transportation to reach their schools, colleges and offices.
COMFED, which sells milk and dairy products in and out of state under the ‘Sudha’ brand, also increased the prices of different varieties of milk by Rs 2 per liter from February 7.
The prices of gasoline, diesel and LPG in Patna have become more volatile. Gasoline is sold at Rs91.54 / liter while the price of diesel climbed to Rs84.72 / liter on Monday. In addition, the price of an unsubsidized LPG bottle in Patna is Rs 817.50.
“Such price increases are severe on the budget of an ordinary man. More thoughtful financial decisions on the part of the government would be a much needed relief, ”said Meena Singh, a resident of Kankarbagh.
Rising LPG prices at regular intervals has become a growing concern for middle-class families. “Adapting to these sudden price increases is becoming more and more difficult. Even a slight increase in gas consumption greatly affects the monthly budget, ”said Sangeeta Prakash, a resident of Hanuman Nagar.
The president of the All India Road Transport Workers Association, Raj Kumar Jha, said Patna Auto Chalak Sangh (union) had submitted a proposal to the government, calling for an increase in the car tariff. The proposal has not yet been accepted.
Department of Transportation secretary Sanjay Kumar Agarwal said the department had made no decision on the car tariff increase. “The unions submit their tariff increase proposal every year, but so far no decision has been taken,” he said, adding that a committee will be formed to review the proposal and make a decision Consequently.
“In the new proposal, the union asked the government to set Rs22 for the first two kilometers, which means that even if a person goes down before one kilometer, they have to pay Rs22. After 2 km, Rs 10 will be added for each additional kilometer, ”Jha said, adding that at present they were charging Rs 7.50 for each additional kilometer.
Rising car prices will make everyday life more difficult for ordinary people. Chotu Kumar, a salesperson at a showroom in Boring Road, said, “I drive to my workplace. Even an increase of Rs4 in the tariff on one side will cost me Rs8 more per day and over Rs200 more in a month. To me that means a lot.
MLC Congressman Prem Chandra Mishra denounced the NDA government in the Center as well as in the state for the rising prices of gasoline, diesel and cooking gas, which it said resulted in higher tariffs and lower prices. inflammation and impacted the life of an ordinary man.
“Despite the fall in crude oil prices, gasoline, diesel and cooking gas have become expensive because of bad government policies,” Mishra said.
He added that due to excise duties and VAT, common people had to pay Rs 45 more for a liter of gasoline and Rs 43.50 more for a liter of diesel in the state. “During the congressional regime in May 2014, the cost of crude oil in the international market was $ 113 per barrel and at that time gasoline was Rs 74 / liter and diesel was Rs 57 / liter. And now that the price of crude oil on the international market is halfway through this period, gasoline is sold at 91.12 / liter and diesel at 84.57 Rs per liter, ”he said.



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