Investigation Begins to Estimate Cost of Third Jewar Track | News from Noida

Greater Noida: The administration of Noida has started to work on the preparation of the provisional budget for the acquisition of 1365 hectares for the third runway of the international airport of Noida. The move followed a directive from the UP government to prepare a report on the amount of money needed to appropriate land in seven villages in the Jewar subdivision.
The third track is part of step 2 of the first phase of the project. Last week, the Prime Minister’s Secretary Surendra Singh asked the Noida District Magistrate to find out how much money would be needed to implement this second stage of the airport project.
Additional District Magistrate (Land Acquisition) Balram Singh said work has started on preparing the estimates. “Under Article 12 of the Land Acquisition Act, the survey of the entire land must be carried out in the case of a government project. A list of government-owned, private landowner and agricultural plots will be prepared with the size of their land plots. Once we have the details of all the plots that will be part of the project, the cost estimates will be ready, ”Singh said.
However, he clarified that it would take some time for the administration to come up with the estimates. For example, the amount of compensation that would be awarded to affected villagers can only be declared once the survey work and the appraisal report have been completed.
Once the administration has the list of landowners, a social impact assessment of the area will also be carried out.
The seven villages that fall under phase 2 of the first phase are Karauli Bangar, Kureb, Mundhera, Ranhera, Dayanatpur, Berampur and Nangla Shahpur.

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