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The Sumner County School Board approved a budget of nearly $ 300 million for the next fiscal year 2021-2022 at its May 18 meeting.

The budget, which is submitted for approval to the Sumner County Commission in June, contains increases for principals, vice-principals, certified and non-certified employees, as well as five new teaching positions in the district.

Principals at Liberty Creek Elementary School and Liberty Creek High School, slated to open in the fall of 2022, were also funded from the budget.

The schools budget proposal includes $ 10 million in new revenue, $ 8.5 million in local funding from sales and property tax revenues, and an additional $ 1.4 million in basic education plan funding (BEP) of the State.

“We have been cautious in our planning for this exercise due to concerns about how COVID-19 would affect us,” Sumner County Schools Principal Dr Del Phillips said. “But we haven’t seen the property tax or the sales tax cut like we thought.”

The budget provides for $ 275,300,000 in revenues and $ 295,814,000 in expenses. The deficit of $ 23.95 million would be made up from unspent funds from the current fiscal year.

Phillips’ budget includes $ 8.7 million in new spending, including a 2% increase for uncertified employees, a 1.5% increase for certified employees such as teachers, and $ 380,000 for upgrades. school buildings.

The material fees charged for high school students will be lowered from $ 50 to $ 25 for the upcoming school year, and parents of Kindergarten to Grade 8 students will once again see the district purchasing school supplies.

Schools in Sumner County spent $ 1.3 million in 2021-2021 to purchase school supplies such as markers and pencils for these students, and Phillips said the gesture was well received by parents and children. teachers.

The proposed budget also adds enough funds to bring the school rainy day fund to just over $ 26 million.

The new budget-funded staff include: five teachers, a nurse, principals from Liberty Creek Elementary and Liberty Creek High, additional custodians, an orientation coordinator, and a technology supply and logistics employee. ‘information.

Capital expenditures include $ 1.6 million for 15 new school buses and $ 1.2 million for paving, which will include paving of the parking lot at the Station Camp school complex.

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