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AHMEDABAD: Prices of vegetables and fruits have increased in Ahmedabad by 100-175% in the last month or so. The gourd, which cost Rs 40/kg a month ago, now costs Rs 100/kg.
The price of garlic doubled from Rs 120/kg to Rs 240/kg. However, the Lemon offers some respite – amid your budget squeeze, the Lemon now comes in for Rs 100/kg after slipping from its peak of Rs 400.
A satellite vegetable seller, Kanti Viram, said: “Due to the increase in vegetable prices, people have been forced to reduce their consumption. Priyanka Shaha, a resident of Navrangpura, said, “Spiking vegetable and fruit prices are hurting ordinary people. We can avoid fruits for a while, but vegetables are a daily necessity.
Shaha added, “I used to buy 500g of vegetables a day, but now I will have to settle for 250g to maintain the monthly budget of a middle-class family.”
Retailers say prices have soared compared to wholesale. The secretary of the APMC (Agricultural Produce Market Committee) in Ahmedabad, Dipak Patel, disagrees with them.
“Wholesale rates are stable and we have no control over retail prices,” Patel said.
“In fact, tomato and lemon prices have gone down in recent days. »
Gujarat Department of Agriculture, Farmers Welfare and Co-operation officials said that with the onset of the monsoon, the summer harvest season is almost over.
They said new stocks of vegetables were not yet available on the market, so prices could rise. Heavy rains could also boost prices, they said.
“We expect prices to stabilize by the end of July,” an official said.


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